Move Events Around and Lanes Disappear

Okay I just went through and read several posts again and revisiting this very frustrating issue. Can anyone tell me why lanes disappear when you move the events? How do I stop this from happening?

Do I always have to “Events to Part” and then “Devolve Part” that just seems silly and there must be some logical reson for this behavior that I am not aware of.

Trying to translate to english…:

in “file” - “program settings” - “editing options” uncheck “no event overlaps”.

hope this helps…

Thank you, in the back of my mind I thought to change that and knew right where to go without even finishing reading your post. I thought to check again but I remember doing that once and thinking that for some reason I did want it on after I tested but I don’t remember why I wanted it on. It doesn’t make any sense to me why when I drag it and nothing is overlapping that only some or any is deleted with that feature. I can see if I move an event above it that things below are removed.

I was also reminded I could override this behavior with leaving this preference on by holding down shift after I start dragging and when I release it is like it was temporarily turned off.

Thanks for your help!

If it is of any use to anyone I made a macro in Keyboard Maestro for Mac that allows the user to toggle the actions Events to Part or Deslove Part you can download and add.
Toggle Events to Part and Desolve (19.7 KB)