Move final stave to previous page

Hello. Relatively new to Dorico here (from Finale). I have a part I am editing that has a single stave on its final page. How can I move it to the previous page? I can move the staves on the previous page up enough to make space at the bottom but cannot figure out how to move the “widowed” stave. Thanks.

There are various ways… first, try to add a Frame Break at the start of the last full page. Then open the properties panel and activate “Wait for next frame break”

First, try reducing the Note Spacing by a couple of clicks – either for the whole part layout, or with a Note Spacing Change.

Also, reduce the “Ideal Gap” distance between systems in Layout Options, to see if you can get more systems on the page. (Make sure you’re editing the Layout Options for that part.)

Then try ‘knocking’ a measure back, here and there – like using the arrow keys in Finale, except in Dorico it’s comma and period.

You can also try forcing the measures to fit into the Frame (e.g. page) with a pair of Frame Breaks.

Note that none of these requires any manual adjustment of the staves! If you’ve manually moved systems, then you need to undo those edits.

@fratveno , @benwiggy, both solutions will work. I tried @fratveno 's and it worked right off the bat! Thank you for that. @benwiggy I have copied your solution and will attempt it at another time, Thanks everybody!