Move mixer channels indepenently of project window layout

Hi, the ability to move mixer channels independently of how the tracks are ordered in the project window, can this finally be done in C9?


No. But you will surely be able to pay for that in C10 or C11. Surely you can wait two or four years more.

Sigh :neutral_face:

It might just be me, but I like the relation between arrangement and mixer window
things get messy if oyu align hem individually, i don’t see it as a shortcoming, but more a feature.
especially on larger projects you exactly know where everything is at.

I don’t see why there can’t be an option, the way I have my project window tracks layed out is not how I wish them to be ordered in the mixer(as Cubase naturally does it), especially due to the different track types, everything is all over the place and my order is messed up.

Is this really such a hard ‘feature’ to implement, seems like a pretty basic option to me and if you don’t wish to re-order them simply leave it as is?

You could make use of the other features in the mix console to either pin chosen channels to the left or right and/or show only selected types of channels.