move note on staff up or down with keyboard command?

Hello Dorico,

Can anyone tell me if there’s a way to move a note on a staff up or down on that staff using the computer keyboard?

Say … I have created a series of four quarter notes in a 4/4 measure. g, a, b, c.

I realize that the second note really should be a d.

Can I select that note with the carat (or by some other method) and use my keyboard to move it up or down (in the way you can in sibelius)?

Do I have to delete the note and re=input it at the correct pitch? What If I’m working by ear and need to hear it?

Thanks much, JW.

Select the note with the mouse (or with the arrow keys), without the caret. Then use Alt+Up/Down. Alternatively, with the caret invoked you can type L to turn on Lock to Duration, then type the new pitch(es).

Hold down the Alt key and then use the arrow keys to move notes (in any plane - either up and down in pitch or left or right in time). As in Sib, you can either move the last inputted note, or select notes outside of input mode to then edit them. (With the caret invoked, no matter its location, the Alt-arrow key will always move the last inputted note)

Pure genius Njfreestone and pianoleo,

THANK YOU. I have been reading the documentation trying to figure this out.

The version of the User Manual online says V1, with copyright of 2018.

Is there a more current version available outside of the inline dorico help?

Thanks much, JW