Move notes from voice to voice?

See screenshot. m39 is fine, but in m40, somehow my notes got into voice 2, while voice 1 (upper) has a rest. Is there a simple way to move voice 2 into voice 1? When I consulted the documentation (Table of Contents>Write Mode>Note Input>Inputting Notes Into Multiple Voices), I only found information on entering notes into voices, but no notes on moving things from voice to voice or managing them further.

Never mind…found it by chance in Edit > Voices > Swap Voice Contents.

Voice 2 became voice 1, then voice 2 (which was only rests) disappeared, as it should.

Leaving this here for legions of future Dorico users to find via Google search!

For your own reference, the relevant page in the manual for changing the voice of notes is here. There’s a related link to that page at the bottom of the page about inputting notes into voices.

Swapping contents of voices is documented here.