Move On

A song about moving. My wife doesn’t like to stay in one place for very long.

Played a danelectro baritone guitar for all the lead and fills.

this is good stuff…like your writing style mucho !!..Kevin

Thanks for listening Kevin.

Really nice and clean sound. Like it!

Great like always, love the Bari gtr. Not crazy about (Shaker?) going all the way through, maybe turn it down or try without it???
Great writing!

That’s weird, I don’t remember putting that on that this track. I don’t think I like it either. I think gemlins added it without my permission.

Felt like a great Gremlin click,

I like the piece. Tasty guitar work, as usual, Joe.

I’d suggest a few things for the mix. I didn’t notice a shaker so I assume you removed that?
I think you make too much use of wide panning. You don’t need it to be that wide to get separation in the mix,
and it somehow makes an organic song feel less organic.
I think the hihat is a bit too strong in the mix. I like the tom groove, and the attack of the tom hits seems somewhat strong, yet the hats is what stands out most in the drum mix.
The panning also seems a bit much in the drum mix. The hihat seems strong to the right.

I think it was Ian who once made the comment here that if you view the stereo panorama as an actual stage,
for the drums to be panned out wide makes it seem like the drummer must have arms 10 feet long. :slight_smile:

Just my humble opinion, but I think a more subtle use of panning would serve your style well.

Nice! :smiley: Mix sounds crisp and clean to me. I recall you saying somewhere you like simpler arrangements and this approach certainly does seem to suit your style. :slight_smile:

guilty as charged! :blush:


Song feels good Joe! It lingered on in my head quite a while after it ended. = Hook is good! Nice tasteful pro results on the guitars.
Drums remind me of a Ginger Baker style but the whole song concept sounds very original. Thanks for the listen!