Move one note/hit to correct timing in audio file


I would like to know if there is any way in Cubase to move one note/hit to correct timing in audio file. I do not want to move any other notes/hits right next to this note, only that note. I have tried Warp and it always seem to move all the notes/hits in the whole part. I have tried splitting the part to just before and after the note and then moving it with the warp tool. It does work as seem to work as expect but it creates terrible artefacts. I was watching a PUREMIX video and they were demonstrating this function in Studio 1 DAW. It was so easy, you just use the transient tool and drag that hitpoint/transient slightly forward or back and the other notes stay in the same place.

Am I missing something in Cubase? This process must be very common to correct the timing slightly in an otherwise good take.

I always create 3 warp markers, one on the hit, one a little before and one after. Cubase will warp to the next marker only, so if I move the middle one, the rest stays in place!
Anybody else has a better idea?


Yep…With freewarp I would put markers specifically at both the previous and following transients to keep them in place

Make sure you are using the elastique algorithm for the least artefacts.

OK thanks guys. I will try that out.

Cut, move and glue. Why make things complicated.

Which version of Cubase includes the WARP tool? Can’t find it in the Elements 7 demo. But it’s EXACTLY what I’d like to be able to do to the tempo map of a midi file (match a specific midi beat, or set of beats to a specific audio “hitpoint” or set of “hitpoints” (audio peaks)). There’s a demo on youtube, which shows the procedure on Cubase sx (not sure which version). Fantastic program,

Cut, move and glue. Why make things complicated.

In some situations this is of course the perfect solution…zero artefacts, perfect timing.
In other situations warping is the less complicated solution.

What for one note? Surely not?

Or cut, slide (ALT modifier), glue. I use that frequently as well, with some smart crossfading you get away with a lot!

What for one note? Surely not?

Yep…Mostly with legato guitars.
Not saying always, but sometimes it works as a quick but perfectly acceptable fix.

I find slip edit is perfect for tasks like this.

How do you do this if the audio is say - a legato passage or guitar strumming etc. I assumed WARP was the only way but would be interested in how it is done with cut move and glue.