Move or duplicate frozen parts within a track

I do not seem to be able to do this and I am very surprised you cannot.

froze themselves or the containing track?

After a track freeze. Can you freeze single parts and then move them ? That would be very useful.

Render in place might help if it can deal with sends and handles as well.

“Complete signal path” Render in place might be handy. I might have to extend the part to deal with delays and overlap the results on 2 tracks. (As you need with delays on sends anyway with normal audio export)

Edit : Cool just spotted “Tail size” = result.

ah, now i know what you want/mean. no, it isn´t possible by me, too. for what would you use this? maybe you can duplicate the track before freeze-action and let the duplicated track muted. would that help your purpose a little bit?

Render in place/complete signal path works fine, it is exactly what I needed. Been a long while since I have used Cubase at any depth and now I have to explore the new features that are at my disposal. Very pleased this option exists.

Can be problematic… imagine that :

  • you freeze your track.
  • you move, cut, remove things.
  • you unfreeze the track…
    what happens ?
  • The unfreezed parts represent the new arrangement…
  • Or they are like before edits…

If you consider to edit a track, and admitting that in certain way, a freezed track is “just” a stereo bounce, then the better is to bounce your track and make the edits with audio clip, or unfreeze make your edits, and refreeze. I think that, is the way the freeze function is build. A realtime VST could not be modified inside a freezed track, but maybe there could be an option to select which plugins are frozen on the chain… :nerd: i don’t think so, if you just want to unfreeze the before last plugin but freeze the last one, it can be too much complex to code a thing like that.

But yes, maybe just moving and duplicating parts could be possible.