Move Preferences Between Nuendo 5 and Nuendo 6

Jus installed Nuendo 6 .

Is it possible to use my preference files from Nuendo 5 in Nuendo 6 ?

I would like to imports setups for VST connections mostly.



With the amount of bugs that seems to be generated by bad preference folders, I would recommend to just write down or take screen shots of your preferences and recreate them in N6

AFAIK you cannot do this with the VST Connections settings, but only with the main preferences & Key Commands.
I have long thought it is far better to reset the connections options each new iteration…but that’s just me.

The Key Commands is the only thing I “drag” over.
Many small strange things could otherwise happen, as the history tells us.

Too much differences between the two, to “grab all” settings over IMO.

PS. I know it is a hazzle. I have a 96 in/96 out setup over here.
Mod damn it. It’s harder to have the patch bay in your head than in a 19 inch rack :smiley: … Well I cheat with a sheet, excel that is :smiley: