Move project audio files and use new project folder

when I use past project as a template by deleting all the events and resaving in a new folder with new name to be used for the new project, I noticed that cubase uses an old project’s audio folder to save all the audio files mixed together with the audio files of old project.
How can I avoid this when using old project as template ?
And in current situation how can I move only the audio files that were created form the new project to a new folder ?
And how can I set a new project folder so from now on Cubase will use the new [correct] folder for this project ?

Save it as a template,
if you take a template you should be asked about the new folder

Use (imho poorly named) File>Backup Project. This will create a brand new Project with its own dedicated folder with all the audio in the proper place.

st10ss is right, don’t use an old Project as a Template, use a Template as a Template.

Thanks. I’ll try doing that even thou this will clutter my template menu, or I’ll have to constantly delete these temporary templates. Oh well it’s Cubase…

Thank you. I’ll try doing in the backup-project method.
Templates are good too but sometimes I need to create a song or composition based on previous composition I like to go and reuse the tracks in the previous similar sounding project.
Or when I’m working on a vocal recordings and need to separate the songs into different projects, each project for different song, it was easier for me to reuse the project for other songs I think the same album.

Anyways this looks like something steinberg should improve on. Even when creating a new project it pre-saves the project as untitled project.
Wish there was a dialog like in protools that asked to name the project right away on startup of project.
In Cubase all this is a mess

Well that’s the exact purpose for File>Backup Project.

Like I said, I think it is badly named since it sounds like it is similar to doing regular file backups on your computer, or the Project’s own .bak files - which it isn’t at all. What it does is create a brand new Project, in its own dedicated folder with its own copies of any Audio used in the Project. This new Project is basically a clone of the one you started with - but entirely independent.

You might also want to explore using the function File>Import>Tracks From Project…
It’s often a cleaner way to snag Tracks from elsewhere.

You can change that, although it’s been so long I don’t recall exactly where - hopefully someone will chime in. But you want to set it so when you create a New Project it prompts you for a folder. Best practice is to create a unique folder for every Project. Then the first time you Save the New Project it will prompt you for a name.