move Region to Time

sorry, is this possible to move a Region to a specified Timecode ? Like the Spot to Command in Protools ? Can’t found anything in Nuendo 7. Thanks and Happy New Year

A few options:
1.Find event in pool (I have a key command assigned to this) and right click. Scroll down to “insert into project” and select “timecode position”.
2.Put cursor at desired position then command click on event to snap it to cursor position.
3.Put cursor at desired position and control click on event. Scroll down and select “move to cursor”.

Note that you can write a macro to turn number one above into a single key command. john.

If you want to simply move an event to a particular time code position just select the event and then use the info line to enter the new time code position.

Aside from the other options mentioned, if you want to “spot” an existing event to its original time code position then you can choose to “Edit -> Move To -> Origin”.

Thanks again :slight_smile: