Move selection WITHOUT moving everything to the right

I really hope I’m just tired and stupid but I cannot figure out a way to move a selection without moving everything on the track to the right of that selection as well. I have got to be overlooking something obvious because it is insane to me that “completely throw off the timing of the audio by moving one entire track” would be the default and expected behavior.

Someone please help me figure out how to select a clip and move it without completely ruining everything to the right of it. I even tried cutting and pasting the selection but that just shoves everything over too.

example: Jim and Jill are on separate tracks. Jill is telling a funny story and Jim laughs, but the laugh comes late. I want to move Jim’s laugh WITHOUT moving everything else on his track because moving the rest of his track obviously completely ruins the timing of the conversation.

Switch off the Ripple option in the Ribbon.

Thank you for your super fast response!

I saw someone else mention the “ripple” setting but it was in reference to a different wavelab product, and I am using Cast. I don’t see “Ripple” in my Edit ribbon, and Google returns no references to it either.

All I have in the audiomontage > edit ribbon is what you see in the screenshot below. Should I be looking somewhere else?

In WaveLab Cast, this Ripple option is always On.
This means you have to reshift the clips at the right, afterward.
I agree with you if you tell me we need an On/Off option for this…

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‘On/Off’ option for Ripple Edit - sounds like a no-brainer to include it here too :wink:

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Then we’re in agreement! We need an On/Off option for Ripple edit. :wink:

I can probably deal without it in the short run, but I have other tools available to me that are faster for my workflow, and this is disruptive enough to my workflow that it would prevent me from switching. :sweat:

@PG1 or anyone else who might know; is there a plan to add an on/off for ripple edit? (I don’t know if there is a public roadmap or something I should be referencing?) I’m coming up on the end of my trial period, and I don’t want to switch to Cast full time if disabling ripple edit is only a someday/maybe feature . :frowning:

This will happen for sure, but I can’t give a date.


Looking forward to being able to turn ripple off!

Any update? This is a perfect piece of software for the voiceover business, having the ability to turn ripple off would be the icing on the cake.

I confirm this option will be available in the next update (in about a month).


Excellent news, thank you very much!

Checking on this, any news for us? Thank you!

This is now available in WaveLab Cast 1.1.20

Thank you!