Move steinberg content app

To a separate hardrive with an easy app. Please! I have a SSD 128 GB. All my Steinberg files are in that hardrive. I want for example groove agent packs and halion Sonic to be moved. I know it is possible to locate other hardrive when installed but the process is not Straight forward and when i done it right cubase do not find the files. A lot if us use SSD. They are great but still not provide same space if hoj doft want to pay thousands off euro. Ok you get my point.

Totally agree they should make this easy to do.

But while we waaaaait for that here’s a workaround. Find the vstsound files you want to relocate select them all and move (not copy) them to their new location. Then select them all in their new location and right+click+drag them back to their original location but instead of moving or copying them select the create shortcuts option. Now Cubase will find the shortcuts where it expects the files but use the content they are pointing to. Might want to do a backup before hand. just in case.

Last week I migrated my 128 GB SSD system disk to a 250 GB because I got tired of having to clean up the smaller disk all the time. Only cost about $80 and now I have two SSD’s for samples (although the old sys disk will be close to full by next week :astonished: ).

Same issue here, I barely can have cubase installed, I’m having 6 GB free diskspace and once a while I need to clean up hard!

And by the way, it’s sure is a good idea to re-look the whole content installing procedure, with (almost) every upgrade I have problems with content lost.

Thanks for the tip.
ye Steiny should look in to this. They loose money. I bought the Simon Philip drumpack. Not I only have 6 GB left. I can not and wont buy more stuff before this app is free to download.