move system from one page to previous, screen shot & bug(?)

On the post named Casting Off in this forum :

Daniel Steinberg wrote :

You can move a system from one page to the previous one by selecting the note in the first bar at the start of the previous frame, then select the last note of the system that you want to become the final system of that page, then use the Make Into Frame button.

So i try this process given by Daniel, and i made 4 screen shot in video, you can see here
(they are in “unlisted status” on youtube, so public can’t find this video by searching “dorico” keyword)

It’s a playlist named “System in one page”. It showing my 4 attempt …

1/4 - it don’t work … perhaps something i didn’t understand

i didn’t select at the start of the first frame …

2/4 - But in video (1/1) it was a bug that i didn’t see immediatly, so i made a second video to show you it (perhaps is not a bug, you can have cutting bar accross page or system ???) :

3/4 - After that, i made a third attempt, because i thought that there was not enough place to put all the systems in a single page, so i reduce the space size in setup mode/layout/space size and i see another bug

4/4 - after that, i made a #4 attempt and it’s work, because i didn’t read correctly what Daniel wrote

… First note at the start of the previous frame …

In fact you must select the first note OR rest, and the last note OR rest

here another strange behavior, UNDO (ctrl-Z) did not work anymore but it resolve the bug of the cutting bar !!

Another remark about musical frame …

That would be good to be able to declare a musical frame which would cover several pages, so when you make free space by tightening systems in a page, systems of the following pages would automatically come to fill this freed space.

My problems are now with the last system of the last frame. Nothing I do to it will change. Almost like it is blocked. I want simply to move the last measure of the previous system onto that system. It just won’t work. Is it a bug? I have managed to do it everywhere else but not the last system.

Just by accident I found out how to keep the last line from being shortened. I assume this should actually be the default for most engraving jobs. It is for me anyway.

Setup/Layout options/Note Spacing ---- make sure the “only justify final system in flow when more than…% full” is not checked.

I sure hope the bug with the final system is corrected soon.

It’s difficult to understand exactly your problem without screen shot and/or having your dorico file to reproduce your problem …

You want to move the last bar of the penultimate system onto the final system? It should be as simple as choosing the first note of the last bar of the penultimate system (or indeed the barline immediately before that first note), then the last note of the final bar of the final system (or indeed the final barline), and choosing Make Into System.

I know. It should be simple but it doesn’t work on this part I am working on. If I click on the Format Systems/Make into one system on the right panel I get what you see in the image1.jpg file. A mess. If I click on the text in the menu it creates a new system with only the first measure in it. (Image2.jpg) I really don’t know what I am doing wrong. This works on all other systems but not the ending.

Addendum: The mess in Image1 was strangely enough on the previous page, not the page in question. I don’t know why that page was messed up since I hadn’t done anything there. Very strange behaviour.

It would be a lot easier to diagnose the problem if you attach the project itself rather than a picture I should be able to figure it out. You can also email it to me if you prefer, though please be sure to include a reference to this thread in your email so I can make sense of it when I look at it. My email is d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.