Move tiny clips to another track

Hello, I’ve been looking for this info since this morning. I am sure ı wasn’t on the correct you-tube video. As you see on the picture, i would like to carry those clips to the new track with the exact placement. Is is possible magnet to the original start time.

There are a couple of ways to do it. If I was doing it I would right click on the track and choose copy selected track. Then I would just delete the stuff i did not want off of the copied track.

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Glue them as part and alt and drag and drop

Prock, please don’t tell this to anyone… I feel stupid now. How did i miss this. i can duplicate the whole thing and delete others right?

I saved as file name as “Prock”


Yes… Duplicate the whole track then delete the events you do not want on the duplicated track.

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