Move to Selected Track

This is a great feature but it would be nice to have the option of selecting multiple clips on multiple tracks and having them all move to one track only rather than retaining the track relationship they had prior to the move.

For example, some AAF’s I get have narration clips spread over a number of tracks. I would like to be able to quickly select all of those clips on their random tracks and then send them all to a single narration track at once.


But I’m wondering if it’s not already possible to copy a selection to a single track (not behind a computer right now).

Personally the job of identifying those types of Clips is often the bigger job than how to move them to a new track…

Have you tried to create a macro and PLE script that moves it for you?

I created a macro to do this. It does still require to execute a few clicks but it will speed up the process. Especially when you assign a key command to the macro.

The macro commands:

  • Edit - Select All on Tracks
  • Navigate - Down
  • Edit - Move to Selected Track

How to use the macro:
Say, you have 4 tracks with events you want to move to a single track. Select the first track and execute the macro. All events in the selected track will be selected (Edit - Select All on Tracks), then the next track will be selected (Navigate - Down), and then the selected events will be moved to that track (Edit - Move to Selected Track). By executing the macro again the same proces is repeated. If you have 4 tracks you only have to apply the macro 3 times. If you have assigned a key command to this macro you only have to select the first track and then press the key 3 times.