Move to staff below/above

Hi, sometimes when using Move to staff below this happens.
If I then move it back up again, everything looks normal, but the note gets
stuck somehow. So if I select the whole bar and use Move to staff below again it moves everything but the stuck note. I think it mostly happens when moving one or two notes.



If you could attach a project that has ended up in this incorrect state then we could take a look.

test.dorico (488.3 KB)

For me it’s really easy to recreate, just take one note and move it a couple of times. Happens on two different Macs.

This is a cross-staff note - if you turn on View > Note and Rest Colors > Voice Colors you can see it “belongs” to the lower staff’s voice. So I suspect what might have happened is that you inadvertently typed “n” (or “m”) instead of “alt-n” (or “alt-m”) - the former moves the note onto a different staff but keeps it in the same voice, the latter moves the note into the voice that belongs to the adjacent staff.

But I can’t move it back again.


There is something strange going on.

If you want it on the top staff, in the top staff’s voice, select it and hit alt-N. If you want it on the bottom staff, in the bottom staff’s voice, select it and hit M. Currently it is on the top staff but in the bottom staff’s voice.

I tell you it’s not working properly. I know how to use it. Never had any issue with Dorico 3.5. Play around with it. Cross-staff a single note a few times, Then try to Move the whole bar. Here the two bars looks identical and if you select the whole of bar 3 you can move the notes to the staff below with alt-M, If you do the same with the first bar nothing happens.


test.dorico (487.3 KB)

If you cross a note (with M) from the RH staff to the LH staff then you are “forcing” it onto the LH staff. If you then cross it back to the original staff (with N) then this isn’t the same as putting things back to normal - instead the note will now be “forced” explicitly onto the RH staff. This means when you then go on to copy it onto the LH staff (with alt-M) it will now belong to the lower staff but it is still “forced” onto the RH staff.

The solution is to use Edit > Notations > Cross Staff > Reset to Original Staff - this means it will no longer be forced onto a specific staff, and it will instead draw on whatever is the natural staff for the voice in question.

Aha, Has it always been like that?


It has, yes.

Sorry for the trouble then, I never noticed it before, and thank’s Richard