Move track to existing folder

In my workflow, the ability to move selected tracks into a folder would save me a lot of time.
For example, when I edit the individual tracks of a drum recording and create midi tracks with hitpoints to enrich the recording, I bounce the midi tracks into an audio file at the end, but I don’t want to delete or hide the midi tracks, but move them to a folder at the very bottom of the project. There the routing is taken out and they are made invisible for the Mix Console. But the tracks are still there so that I can touch them again if necessary.
My projects have on average between 70 and 120 tracks and moving them by drag and drop takes a long time and is time-consuming. It would be better if you could mark the desired tracks and select “move to…”.

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How about mark the tracks and drag and drop them all together?


You could make a Project Logical Editor preset to hide all tracks but the selected tracks and the Folder of the given name. Then the drag and drop is much easier. Then you can show all tracks again.

I know, it’s not as efficient as your request, but it could be any solution for you for now.

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I created a macro to render in place and put the audio tracks
in a new renamed folder but I deactivate and hide the midi tracks
The principle should be somewhat similar
I’m not at home but I’ll look to send if I can screenshots
I think you need like me a mix of PLE and macro
Afterwards, if your tracks are in one or more folders, I think it’s easier to manage.

Here is the macro that allows you to put the audio tracks in a new folder
you can do the same with the midi tracks I think
and associated PLEs

In my example I select tracks from my ethnics directory and render in place
I deactivate the instrument tracks and hide them

well yes, but d&d-ing them over 100 tracks takes lot of time…

thanks for your input. I will give it a try.

Hi Freudon,
thank you very much. This could be very close to what I want. I never worked with makros and PLEs, so this will be completely new territory for me, i guess…

PLEs and macros are very powerful
but are also quite complicated to understand at first
The big advantage of Cubase 12 is that you can now add pre and post commands
and macros which gives you an incredible field of possibility
There are already videos on the internet on PLEs and macros but most of them were made with older versions of Cubase
On the other hand, you can very well experiment as you build your PLEs, this is the advantage of the Cubase 12 version because the project logic editor is very reactive.
A little advice also think systematically about making backups of your PLEs and LEs macros.
For me everything is on a table with the name of the function its number and a screenshot of each.

Hello, I agree with what you are proposing, I myself use the PLEs. But for once there is no possible option to say to send selected tracks to a specific folder. It would be convenient. As far as I am concerned, I deactivate tracks after rendering them to save processing time and to see more clearly I send them to a folder called Backup. it would be nice to automate this function in PLE if you see what i mean.