Move Volume Fader value to Pre-Gain

Is it possible to “transform” the Fader Volume value into Pre-Gain? Let’s say my Vocal fader is at -3,8db: I’d like to press a button and set those -3,8db in Pre-Gain, and reset Fader Volume to 0db

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Sorry, this is not possible by pressing one button. You can type the value.

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@StepanS, you can have your fader at 0.0 if you go up in the rack and type the channel’s input gain slider value to -0.38.

As Martin confirms above, there is no way within Cubase to do this. But it can be done using a macro program such as Autohotkey (WIN) or Keyboard Maestro (Mac).

I only mention this because this is the kind of feature I don’t see Steinberg spending resources on. But this can certainly be done using very lightweight and well documented third party software. I’ve done many workflow enhancements that aren’t possible in Cubase this way. This exact one included.


Hi owenc, thanks for your suggestions! I’m not very familiar with Autohotkey, how should I approach this? Thanks!

if volume is automated you can easily copy the volume automation lane to the pre gain lane and then erase the volume lane.

It would be possible with the MIDI Remote API, no?
If the user needs the input to come from the computer keyboard, they would have to resort to 3rd party tools to convert the keyboard keystroke to MIDI.


Interesting idea…

Of course, you can ask Cubase, what is the Volume of the selected track. I will return the value in range 0-1. Or it will return the Display Value. Or the “MIDI” value (depending, if you bind it to MIDI CC or 14bit NRPN).

Of course, you can send this value to the Pre-Gain, then. You cannot send the Display Value. You can send either MIDI or the normalized value (0-1). Question is, if the Pre-Gain has the very same scale. I.e. -oo to +6dB in Cubase or +12dB in Nuendo (or depending to the preferences settings), to get the very same “Disply Value” (i.e. -3.8dB) on the Pre-Gain. I don’t know…

Good point. I don’t know the answer to that either, but it would be easy enough to test.

On a side note, wouldn’t it be amazing if we could have access to the “scale value”, for lack of a better word, that is used to convert the normalized value (0.0-1.0) to the “display value”?
I believe that would solve a whole host of “issues” with very custom MIDI Remote scripts. For example, if you write a custom script for a rotary encoder that uses relative values, the value you use to increase or decrease the normalized 0.0-1.0 value (Process Value?), may not correspond to the already in place scaling between this process value and the display value. For example, if I would set the process value to 0.09128, that value might not line up with the parameter I’m trying to control. What happens then is that Cubase sets it to the closest accepted value. Perhaps that value is 0.0914. Then the MR would trigger an onChange event. This “corrective action” will then result in a rubber-banding effect.

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