Move Wave Edit Window to another screen? Windows 7


We have a quad screen setup in windows and was wondering if I can move the wave editing window to another screen. I have tried but it won’t “Undock” from the main program window. I don’t want to expand the main program window across screens so that won’t work.

I was wondering if there is a way to do it?

many Thanks

not at the daw atm but if it has “always on top” then yes … right click on the boarder to see


Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: I have already tried that and theres nothing there. Just a bit strange to why you can’t do it :frowning:

I’v requested for ‘Alwys on top’ for edit windows several times. No responce from Steiny :frowning:

ah damn :frowning:

you’d think that would be an obvious feature :confused:

i’ts been obvious and ranted about for 12 years or so …

Sorry Op ive never tried in all my years on Cubase ,never had cause to :wink:

It’s not good. I hope Steinberg do it like they do it for MediaBay.