Move Wavelab License to Laptop from USB?

Hi PG,

I was recently helping a friend setup Wavelab LE on their laptop (the are a new user) and in transferring between computers I put the license onto a USB and now the license is stuck on the USB licensor! Having read through related troubleshooting I see I should have done a reactivation.

I’m wondering if there is any recourse for sorting this out given I was unaware of this issue (and also given the modern landscape of licensing where it is normal to be able to move a license from a computer to usb to cloud and back again). I am surely not the first person to have this issue.

Be great to get some clarity on this issue before sending them down the customer service rabbit warren.

Cheers, Jack.

Sorry, the eLicenser Control is not my specialty. If you don’t find a solution with the eLicenser Control Center application, ask support.

hi Jack

once the licence is on a USB elicenser then you can’t move it back:

Important: A license transfer into the opposite direction - from USB-eLicenser to Soft-eLicenser - is not possible. As soon as a license has been transferred to a USB-eLicenser, there is no way back onto the hard disk. That means the USB-eLicenser holding the transferred license has to be connected when running the corresponding program.

Thanks @PG1 and @Dr.Strangelove .

Yeah I’ve seen all that documentation but too late for me I’m afraid. Seems unusually archaic, it’s also a Steinberg not E-licenser thing just FYI, my REFX license for example can move both directions. I was wondering if there was any recourse through Customer Service but it seems not.