Moved Content Files - what a disaster. Please help!

I was having a heck of time installing Cubase 7.5 to my Windows 10 PC.
Finally I now am making progress on installing Cubase 7.5.

After 25 or so attempts I finally got a good download of the Cubase 7.5 iso. I deleted everything Steinberg and the LCC as recommend by Grim in another thread. The installation went smooth and was asked where to put the content files. Hey put them in my Samples-Content-Presets drive. Should not have done that!

Please help me undo the damage.
Now I get the “not found” notice and I click ignore.

Ooops forgot to install as administrator.


Please, make an Alias of all content files, and paste these aliases to the default folder (which is displayed during the installation), where should the content be.

Gee, I am not that advanced. Likely I would not be in this jam if I was.
Could you please do a step by step explanation?

Do most people allow the default location for the content files?
C:\users\misc\app data\roaming\steinberg\content\vst sound
The content was not copied here nor on my G drive where
I wanted it to be copied to.
My path was G:/Steinberg\content

Oh, I’m not Windows user, but I would expect something like this:

  • Select all VST sounds in the C:/Users/…/vst sound folder
  • Right-click, and from the menu, select something like “Create Aliases” or “Create Shortcuts” (or I don’t know, what is the name on Windows).
  • Once these aliases are created, keep the original file selected, and move the to the new location: G:/Steinberg/Content
  • Go back to the original folder (C:/…/vst sound), and rename all files that they don’t have any extras (like alias or shortcut). The name has to be identical to the original name.