Moved files, now cubase quitting

I have an old macbook ('08 Intel) running Cubase 4LE. I moved most of my music files (all file types) to a backup drive and trashed the copies on the main drive. I have a new computer and I want to transfer some of the audio and MIDI files from old projects into my new DAW and re-edit them and upgrade them (new samples, etc.). The old Cubase opens fine with no project loaded, but when I try to load a cubase file it crashes. It only seems to crash if the project has MIDI files. If I load a “mastering” project, which only contain one stereo audio file, it opens. I’m not sure if the MIDI files are missing. I would have thought a notice would pop up saying “missing MIDI files” or something to that effect.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Strange, that’s never happened to me, projects always have loaded fine when changing computers, or after rebuilding/repairing from a catastrophic failure of the same system, but I always got a pop-up asking me to point to the location of my project for each is all.

Could it be that the old projects had VSTi’s that the new computer doesn’t or can’t run certain old VSTi’s or plugs? I don’t see how midi can affect it this way. Did you go from a 32 bit to a 64 bit OS?