Moved from Intel Mac to M1 MacBook Pro settings are wonky

I just moved over to a new M1 MacBook Pro and when I open a project SETTINGS are completely wonky.

Also, where I used to be able to click “return on stop” function - now I’m being forced into creating a new command key…

I was using Cubase 13 pro on the last machine, why would all of this change?

Also, I’m noticing that if I open an old .CPR file all of my saved settings are lost or just changed.

If I try to load an old drum map - it is greyer out and doesn’t allow me to load at all.

Lastly, when I store new settings after opening old .CPR file and save it… the next CPR file (Saved Template) I move onto - when I open it, I have to close re-click “Open in Rosetta” close and reopen for plugins to show up.
Ultimately it’s making me redo the process for every CPR template I open up.

I tried desperately to move all files over to the new macbookpro and it seems mostly pointless as by the time I get done with setup.

Is anyone else noticing the move from intel to silicon- redundant and convoluted?
The issue I can’t seem to find a solution to right now is the settings…
It was so long ago that I went through all of these that I don’t remember what I originally did. Also, the ’descriptions’ used in settings don’t really ring a bell or make sense to me.

It would be awesome if Cubase added a help solution where you hover over an option and it gives you a brief description on what it is and does.

FabFilter does this beautifully.

I feel like a novice that doesn’t understand any of this stuff because I’ve been working out of templates and a completely usable setup for the last several years…
Now I’m back at square one.

Sorry for the book. Just need a helping hand to get through this.

Thanks in advance,