Moved my Cubase 11 Artist desktop folder, now Cubase does not start

I am new user of Cubase 11.

  1. I moved my desktop shorts of Cubase 11 Artist to another desktop folder. After that my Cubase Artist does not start.

When I double click on the Cubase 11 Artist application, nothing happens.

  1. I started Steinberg Download Assistant and re-downloaded and re-installed Cubase 11. When I double click on the Cubase 11 Artist application from Program Files, nothing happens.

How can I bring my Cubase Artist back to working condition?


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Hello Martin

Thank you for your comments.

Before I had chance to start with Safe Mode, I moved all of my desktop shortcuts to previous folder, re-started my computer, then everything started working normally as of this writing.