Moved Padshop Content with Library Manager - Can save but not load user presets anymore

To become “more organized” I moved everything that Steinberg Library Manager allowed me to an external disk, including the all the .vstsound files for Padshop 2.

I didn’t touch the user presets located at /Users//Library/Audio/Presets/Steinberg Media Technologies/Padshop but now it lost track of this location when loading (but not saving) presets. Duh! The user preset location becomes invisible and impossible to navigate to in the load window. Really annoying.

Anyone knows why, and how to fix?

There is of course the Allow Any Preset Location to be switched on, but then you don’t get the tagging dialog on Save. And for the “organized” person, that doesn’t quiet fly.

Will I have to move everything back to the system drive? (I’ve forgotten where it was already).

Final word of frustration: Why this path-spaghetti in an otherwise great product? Why not just have a user-definable list of content paths like, say SampleTank 4 or Superior Drummer 3? How hard could it be? The hard-coded locations aren’t even listed in the manual!!! Seriously …