Moved to Issues- Cubase Pro 8.0.3 stops working when freezin

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I’m running Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit. Since installing the .3 update, Cubase throws the error message “Cubase 8 has stopped working.” When freezing a VSTi track. Since it’s STILL NOT POSSIBLE to close and restart cubase without fully rebooting the computer, I have to do just that. I think this issue differs from the prior thread(s) because I have no disabled tracks in any of my projects. I had a couple of muted VSTi tracks that also had the midi parts muted in the timeline. I unmuted all parts and unmuted the tracks (to verify) and got the same crash when trying to freeze a track. The track I tried to freeze was Uhe Hive with 2 inserts- Echobode followed by cableguys Volumeshaper. This problem did not occur in the .2 version, that I can recall. I’m running out of CPU and I need a solution to continue a number of projects in process.

I7 K2600 clocked to a stable 4.2 Ghz. 16 Gb RAM. This hardware has been stable for several years.

It appears that the workaround is in front of me. I’ll move all instruments that I wanted to freeze in order to gain processing power into a folder. If I just read correctly, I can group edit these tracks, so hopefully I can disable/enable them with just a couple of clicks. I’ll have to remember to enable all of them again to avoid the reder in place crash. I render in place constantly, so this is a painful solution, given that I’ll have to disable them all again after I finish rendering. :imp:

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