Movie dialogue not through master bus processing

I am currently composing for a film. I am using some processing on the master bus channel. Can I route the dialogue of the movie in such a way that it is not affected by the master bus processing?

I now route all my music tracks to a group track and apply the master bus processing to that group track. But I have a feeling that there must be another, simpler way.

Does anybody know how I route both the music and the movie dialogue in a way that I can treat them differently but they still both come through the same set of speakers?

What you are doing seems like the best option to me.

No, that’s the way to do it.

And btw, make sure that if you’re delivering your music to a re-recording engineer that they’re ok with getting just a stereo mix, and if they need stems that they’re ok with the stems not summing to the full mix.

Because normally your stems that you deliver should sum to the full mix, and so if you place dynamics processing on the full mix track (group or output) then if you simply solo and export stems they won’t trigger the dynamics the same way and you won’t get stems that sum to the full mix.

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