Movie trailer replacement demo

Fully created in Cubase Pro 9.5.
Took some 6 hours working on this track. Used some explosion sounds from original sound track and placed 4 times in my track. Also original texts I use, but all other sounds are mine. Ah, no, also a ticking clock at beginning is original :wink:

Of course there should be Action Strikes from Native Instruments and Hans Zimmer percussions from Spitfire Audio, but I only have what I have.

Synths used:
HALion Symphonic Orchestra (Percussions + Brasses),
Padshop Pro (Ambient Fill),
Retrologue 2 (Sequences),
Triebwerk (Drum Kits).

Guitar samples from that cool window under F5 called MediaBay.

Your comments, please!

Original Movie Trailer -
But I took that one from TrailerSelect channel on Youtube -

Nice! I like that.