Moving a CC lane onto another


I would like to transfer all the data from, say, the CC1 lane to the CC2 lane. Is this possible? Pasting seems to overwrite the original data, instead of pasting in the visible lane.

If this is not possible, I would add it as a feature request. When switching from a library to a different one, of working with different libraries at the same time, this can be useful many times. For example, some libraries use CC1, some others CC2 and others CC11 to control dynamics.


No, this isn’t currently possible, but I agree it’s a good idea, and I’ll make a note of this for future implementation.

Yeah that would be good, haven’t needed it yet but I had assumed it was enabled.

Also having easier access to the CC would be great, instead of having to navigate via a popup. I keep jumping back and forth between 1&11, and with all those tracks it adds up. my vote’s for overlaying the CC data on one lane, and clicking one of the points (for CC1 say) would enable that CC, while greying out the others (putting in the background a bit but still selectable).

Lane stacking is the other choice but that seems to get more into the full fledged DAW territory, whereas Dorico’s wheelhouse is on the interpretation side. Having easy access to a few CC’s here (say 4 max, but still able to access the others via the menu) should be sufficient.

And definitively including CCs in notes and bars copy and paste / function to erease CCs in a raw on multiple bars : that’s the only things needed from my point of view to make my life easier in making convincing mockups

Thank you, Daniel, for keeping this in consideration.

I subscribe to the proposal of including CCs in copy & paste operations, at least as a Paste Special option.

Another way to do what I’m looking to do is this:

  1. Select a passage, a staff, the whole flow.

  2. Choose the new Transform command.

  3. Change CC1 data into CC2 data for the selection.