Moving a rest in Bach 5 part polyphony

Consider the crotchet rest in this bar from JSB WTC I Fuga IV:

Here’s my Dorico setting:

Most Urtext editions do put the rest snug up againsr the opening minim inside the staff. Using Engrave Mode I do not seem to be able to move the rest to the right of the minim. The rest does not seem to have a handle. What to do?

Here you go:

What I did was to set the crotchet rest (using force duration) to be the 2nd and 3rd quavers’ worth of a quaver triplet (hide the “3” and the bracket, and remove the quaver rest at the start), and then fiddle around a bit with note spacing in Engrave mode.

PS This gives the rest a handle, too!

WTC1 F4.dorico (604.7 KB)

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I seem to recall some posts about being able to move explicit rests in Engrave Mode. Am I dreaming it?


You could also set the G# and D# in the left hand to voice column 1, then move all notes on beat 1 to the left side and adjust the second quaver.
Bach Fuge 4

@rafaelv That’s amazing. I find it incredibly fiddly and tricky to get the right handle to move, but it works wonderfully.

I am indebted to you.

And yes @Juerg_Loeffler we crossed in the post. That’s what I did, via the link provided by @rafaelv .

Thanks to all.

Just as a side note: I always get wet eyes in this bar of the fugue, where the three themes meet for the first time. It’s magic!


And @Juerg_Loeffler I notice your four-way Bach symbol. I have always loved it. Not sure where it originated. 19c I think.

I don’t know either where the symbol originated. It catched my eye on an edition of the Art of fugue. At first I didn’t even notice that it represents BACH.