Moving a system to a previous page

This is something with which I have had limited success. I am trying to move the system on the last page to the previous page to match the three systems per page I have throughout the score with the exception of the first page. A little guidance, please.

In Engrave Mode, open up the left panel. (Ctrl+7 on PC, I assume it’s Cmd on a Mac.) Ctrl click the first and last bars you want to combine and hit Make Into Frame. Or create a Frame break on the first system you want on the page, and then another on the system you want to be first on the next page (if there is one). Click the first Frame break and in Properties select β€œWait for next frame break.”

Or you can play around with your Layout Options/Vertical Spacing settings to see if it some combination will do it automatically. Or scale down your rastral size in Layout Options/Page Setup. There are a few ways to go about tweaking your layout here.


Thank you. I have already chosen my rastral size and, I think, am satisfied with the vertical spacing. I will go for the first option because it looks like there is a keyboard command I have missed.


Thanks. I was wondering how to do that while learning the ropes of layout.

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