Moving a system to the next page

Sounds simple but I couldn’t find it in the manual. I need to have new flows set to allow on existing pages but I’d like a particular movement (flow) in one of the parts to start on a new page, as there’s only one system of the new movement at the bottom of the page. I’d like the other systems of the previous movement on that page to be justified. I could futz with the vertical spacing settings in Layout Options with trial-and-error but that’ll affect other sections of the part which need to be left alone. I could also try manually increasing the distance between the remaining staves, hoping to push the bottom system to the next page, but that’s also trial-and-error and it takes a long time. How is this best done?

Select the first note in the system you want to move to the next page and insert a frame break (in Engrave Mode, in the left hand panel, middle section).

Thanks. It was indeed simple. I wasn’t expecting that to work if you have flows set to begin on existing pages because I was confusing flows with frames. I still need to get used to the nomenclature and concepts…