Moving a timcode audiofile to origin

I often get multitrack live recordings without embedded timecode information. The timecode comes in form of an audiofile.
Is there a way to move this timcode audiofile to its correct position or at least to figure out what its starting point would be?

If this is correctly recorded, then it will be recorded as BWave-files.
In that case “move to origin” would solve the problem.

If not, the you have to route the Timecode audiosignal into an LTC reader.


Hi Fredo,

the files are correctly recorded, just as WAVs :wink:

These days most of the time audio is recorded at the FOH and the timecode is just recorded to an additional track coming from the video guys.
Syncing is mostly done manually by aligning the waveforms in the video editor, which I would like to avoid this time.

So I was wondering if there is a solution other than an external LTC reader, since that would not give me the starting timecode of the audiofile.

I was hoping for something like “Analyse Timecode and move to origin”

Maybe there is a plugin or tool that shows the timecode position of a recorded timecode file.


Not native, but this one might work.


Hi Fredo,

yes, that was the right hint.

Not exactly the tool your were pointing to, but another tool from that company does the trick:

It reads the LTC from an audio file an writes the TC info into the BWF header.

Thanks a lot