Moving a whole rest vertically in a two-voice staff


I am in 4/4. I have a 5-line staff with two voices. In voice one is a whole rest, in voice two is a whole note.

The whole rest is hanging from the top line. I would like to move it vertically up to a ledger line above the staff.

The manual says I can do this, with the rest selected, in Write or Engrave Mode in the Properties panel but there are no options there.

I must be missing something simple. All help appreciated.

Select the rest itself, and in the Properties Panel, look for the toggle called “Rest pos.” When you toggle it on, the rest will move to the center of the staff. Increase the value to move it to whatever line you want.

As an aside, I wish toggling this property on would keep the rest where it was, and allow me to move it from there. A minor wish…

Hi Dan. Thanks for the fast response.

I have discovered that my problem is that in voice one the whole rest is an implicit rest. The staff is a five line percussion staff with “Drum Set” unchecked. In trying to add a bar rest in voice one with shift+B and writing “rest” I have no success - in fact the implicit rest disappears as if a whole rest is entered but there is nothing appearing.

I have deleted and re-entered several times with no success and still no “Notes and Rests” option in the Properties window.

Bingo. Unfortunately you can’t move or remove rests in percussion staves at present.

AHA! Thanks! Glad to know I wasn’t missing anything (except that info!). I will attempt some sort of work-around, but it seems to me that this would be essential for percussion kit (non-drum set) writing. Maybe in a future release! Onward!

You’re right, and the team has said greater control over rests in percussion staves is high on their list.