Moving all automation tracks collectively at once

Is it possible for one to be able to drag ALL automation in all tracks collectively at the same time (of course including the ANIMATED automation, in this case the “Select All and Link Channels” command will not work only unless if Read is Off)

Or is the only other way to create group channels and route whatever groups u need there?

This would be a very very useful and facilitative option for Cubase to have! Pwwweeeeeesseee…:slight_smile:

Select the automation and use the “start” value in the info line. Either that or bind a key command to “automation follows events”. Switch it on, move event(s), switch it off, move events back.


thanks for your reply.

this is a great tip! however it doesn’t really enable me to be able to move all automation vertically.

I don’t really do alot of horizontal shifting.

I want to be able to move all animated automation UP and DOWN, collectively. VERTICAL motion. Not horizontal.

I tried the “Value” command but it didn’t work.


That is strange, I have no problem using the “value” after box marking the automation on different lanes, also works with automation belonging to different tracks. But it should be easier than that, select automation on some lanes and ctrl+clickdrag the top automation “modifier dot” of one of the white marked areas and the others should follow.

Can you describe further exactly how you are working?



Ctrl+click while selecting ALL automation works!

Thanks so much, Oaks! :slight_smile:

Really appreciate this one!