Moving an insert and it's automation.

So I’ve just started working on a bunch of mixes for a producer who uses Cubase. What he tends to do is put FX plugins directly onto tracks as inserts to create the sounds and FX he’s looking for. That’s all good and most of what he does sounds cool, but when it comes to mixing I want to be able insert compressors and eq’s before it hits his FX. He always starts at the first insert and sometimes there’s 3-4 other plugins directly in the list, all usually with a stack of automation.

Is there a way I can move the plugins down the list to create space for inserts, but also move the corresponding plugin automation? I’ve been doing it by hand and it’s a very slow process!

I’m hoping I’ve missed a preference somewhere, but I can’t find it if it exists. Appreciate any insights cheers!

All you should have to do is dragging the existing plugins down. Automation follows automatically (see corresponding automation lanes). Only if plugins are moved from one track to another automation gets lost.

Yep. Just drag the plugin down the list and automation follows. You just might need to re-enable Read Automation for that insert slot.