Moving audio by dragging

From the manual:

  1. In the wave window, make a selection.
  2. Drag the selection to a position outside the selection in the same file, or to another wave window.


The selection is removed from its original position and inserted where you drop it.

This doesn’t move the audio but copy. The selection isn’t removed from its original position.

It seems to work if you hold down Shift modifier key but doesn’t work consistently with multi channel files.

This takes a minute to understand what controls the move and where to use it. Usually move your curser to the lower half or bottom of the wave file and and there a square cross will appear. Left click and you can grab the wave file and move it (either shorter/further along the time line of it’s Track or then to another Track). Dragging wave files is basically to help set up a Montage from your created Tracks. If you are in a File Group, for example, you cannot move the wave file by dragging.

Thanks, but it’s about dragging a selection in audio editor.
Moving Audio by Dragging (

You are right. Shift is needed.
And for multichannel file, there is indeed a bug to fix.

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