Moving Audio Events With Tempo Change

Hi All,
I was trying to change tempo in a song along with two guitar audio tracks. I made sure the musical mode was switched on in the inspector.
It seemed it was switchable without selecting the audio event. Just having the track selected brings up the inspector. Does this mean that all events on the selected track will be in musical mode? Do I have to enable that feature on the event itself?
The reason I ask is that the audio track was changing length with the midi tracks but because I had the audio event cut in several places, it didn’t seem to line up properly when it moved. I then exported the events on that track back to Cubase so it would be in one piece but then that new file would not react to musical mode at all. I read somewhere in a post that the originally recorded audio track retains the tempo information. Does this info not export with the audio file? I’m guessing that when I exported it back to Cubase, it lost its ability to lock up with the tempo protocol and therefore wasn’t responding to the tempo change.
Thanks for your thoughts!


If you are referring to the little Note / clock symbol in the track header – that is linear / musical timebase and is for tracks, and different from musical mode, which is for audio clips.

Ok, thanks for that info.
Where can I access the musical mode for audio events?

Either in the Pool, or select the audio in the Project Window and change it on the Info Line.

Personally I prefer using the Pool because it is easier to see all the audio and verify you haven’t accidently missed (or included) something.

Ok, thanks raino!