Moving chords that imported to the wrong beat

Is there any way to select chord symbols from partway through a flow to the end of the flow and shift them all several beats to the right?

System track and filter-select will take care of selecting the chords. Then Ctrl-Alt-arrow to move them along the rhythmic grid.


It sounded like a hopeful solution, but when I select a range in the System Track (Write Mode Galley View), the Filter menu options are grayed out. No way to select chord symbols. I did try selecting a stack and then “Select to end of flow,” which does let me choose the Chord Symbol option, but it doesn’t select anything. I am guessing this has to do with their being an XML import from Finale. Bummer!


I bet you have some funky time signatures then. Delete them and re-enter, and I have a hunch it’ll resolve itself. Not uncommon for XML imports.

You ought to fix them anyways. They’ll cause all sorts of problems!

Not sure what to say, Dan. When I click on each of my time sigs, they show up all in orange. I would expect an XML-applied sig to have some show up in blue.

I admit there were some problems with time in the original XML import, a couple of measures with 3 8th-note gaps filled with rests and some second voices gone askew in the keyboard parts. Perhaps making them into separate measures with SHIFT+B and then deleting the extra measure with SHIFT+B -1 led to the problem. If that is/was the case, it is likely a toss-up whether to turn the chords off or re-enter the offending chords from scratch rather than start afresh from the XML.

Thanks for your thoughts. Always appreciated.

It may not look like the time signatures are in error, but you should delete and re-enter them anyways. I’ve run into this problem several times with XML imports, and that always fixed it for me.

Delete them how; I have clicked on them and pressed delete. They stay the same. Am I doing this wrong?
I appreciate your continuing to help;

Derrek, if you show Time Signature Signposts, are there any hiding?


Thank you for the signpost hint. (Wish Dorico had a way to uncheck and check all.) I was able to find a couple of flags, delete them, and apply the correct time signature. Still, when I try to filter chord symbols, I seem only to be able to select them for the entire document rather than start where the misplaced symbols occur. Clicking the problem area and then Select More selects all in both directions. Using the usual SHIFT+Click, etc. I cannot seem to select the chord symbols from the problem area to the end of flow.

I fear I may have corrupted the file.

EDIT: May have found a way.

  • Went to Galley View of the Rehearsal Piano part @ 50% in Write Mode.
  • Used the marquee to select as much as possible working from the end towards the beginning and Filtered for Chord Symbols.
  • The ALT+RightArrow will now move the chord symbol selection; so I will just work backwards from there.

Again, Leo and Dan, thank you for your help.

Once you’ve fixed the time signatures, you should be able to use the System Track and then Filter Chord Symbols. Are the filters still greyed out? If so, are you definitely in Write mode?

I could turn the System Track blocks orange, but applying the Filter to that did not change the colors of the Chord Symbols. Now I again find most of the Filter option grayed out when I make a selection via the System Track.

To be honest, if it’s not so large as to be unwieldy, you might do better reconstructing the meter changes and measures, and copying and pasting the notes and staff elements to a new file.

Not using Select All, but Select to End of Flow.

Since I have managed the chord fixes (see Edit above), I’ll probably leave well enough alone for now. I think searching for the Meter Signposts let me get the hidden meters out. I’ll experiment with the System Track (which I have not used much before) on some other files to see if it works there.

Again thanks.

Derrek, apologies if this is really patronising, but once you’ve dragged an orange bar along the System Track, you need to click the square at the far right end of the orange or you won’t have actually selected the contents of the bars.

Aha! You are not being patronizing. I use the system track so little (for all intents and purposes not at all) that I had long ago forgotten what the square did and feared it would take an action I was not prepared for.

Thank you for your help and your patience.