Moving clips between lanes - constrain move

With the new Lanes, if I want to move a take from one lane to another, I will usually want to constrain its sideways movement.

With normal tracks, this is done by holding CMD (Mac) whilst moving the clip. With lanes, holding CMD selects the Audition tool. There doesn’t seem to be a way to change this behaviour under Prefs>Editing>Tool modifiers.

Anyone know a way to do this?

Drag the audio to the new lane first and THEN hit the CMD key before you let go of the mouse - this will shift any horizontal movement back to the original position. This works for me using the CTL key in Win 7, but I assume the behavior would be the same for Mac.

Thanks for this - this does work sometimes, but in fact it tends to force the clip back into the original lane, but moved sideways - the reverse of what I need. It’s a little unpredictable.

[edit to say - there is a logic to this behaviour - if you drag a clip into another lane and move it sideways by less than one bar, then hold CMD, the clip snaps to its original lateral position in the new lane. However if you move it sideways by MORE than a bar, hitting CMD causes it to jump back to the first lane. Having said it’s logical, I can’t really see the point of it…]

However I did find a better way, which is to click and hold on the part you want to move but BEFORE moving it, hold down CMD. (in other words, instead of CMD-click, it’s click-CMD) THEN move the clip.

Beware though with the current lanes behaviour, this will select the part and activate it, which may not be desirable…

This whole lanes thing isn’t quite there yet…

Yes, one of the annoying things of the “new lanes” which were actually a bis step backwards. Fishtank is right here, but it is nasty though.

Another thing is that dragged events (from one lane to another track and back, second track not necessary in lanes mode) will show up on the first lane, moving everything down - this is confusing. Old lanes just playbacked the “take on top” which means that event which was “on the highest place” - a new take or a moved event was added just on top - that means graficaly below the older ones.

Those lanes needed to change back to the old ones - not in Q2/2012 - NOW!! I can not use Nuendo because of that.


And why have a Solo button on a Lane but no Mute button?

This new functionality is really doing my head in, can someone please explain the rationale behind this change? control+click was awesome, click+control is flawed because if having clicked you move the part and mistakingly un click before you press control then the part may have moved slightly but you have no way of knowing.

The old method it was rock solid…why on earth change it?


Lanes are “muted” depending on priority. To mute you can either deactivate/mute the event or have another higher priority event playing back. The solo is a quick way to audition an event.

I believe (and I might be wrong) that it’s the same functionality that has been there except we now have more options available for modifier keys. By doing click + control you’re over-riding some of those additional modifiers that are invoked when doing control + click (depending on your modifier setup).

Have a look at your preferences -> editing -> tool modifiers and assign them out of the way of each other and you shouldn’t have any conflicts.

Have tried going into prefs > edit > tool modifiers but can’t find any option for disabling or re-assigning the audition tool from ctrl to something else.
Anyone solved this? The problem persists on Cubase 9.

Thanks. I never would have thought this is how it works.