moving content to another drive

ive just checked and ive got over 70gb worth of Steinberg content on my os drive I want too move this to another ssd drive what best way of doing this?

I thought there was a Steinberg manager which could do this but I cant find it.


Halion Library Manager will let you move newer but not older content (don’t know what distinguishes something as old). That should clear up some significant space. Inside the Manager you can see what content it knows about but can’t manage. For this older content there is a way that involves moving the files and replacing them with shortcuts that works. However unless you really need to clean out every bit of files I’d ignore the older stuff on your system disk. If you do need to move it then search the C8 & C9 forums for instructions.

On my vanilla install it is in a folder under Start called Steinberg Halion Library Manager.