Moving / Copying Chords and Notes Together

Is it possible, in the Key Editor, to select MIDI notes and chords or scales in the chord track simultaneously and copy or move them together to another location?

Right now I’m having to move the notes first, and then come back and select the chords and move them separately. Am I missing something?


I haven’t tried, but I would expect you can do so. It’s very easy to try it (but I’m not at my DAW now).

You’d think, but it has the same limitation as when you Split the Project Window - you can only Select items on the top or the bottom, but not both. However it turns out that you can Select both Chords & Notes when using Edit In-Place.


Oh @raino , you are right, of course! You can even see the dotted focus frame to distinguish, which area has really the focus.

Then you (@Symmetry) could do it in the Project window and use the In Place Editor.

Not ideal for my workflow but I will try to adapt.