Moving Cubase from W8.1 Laptop to W10 PC

Hello, can anyone point me in the right direction as to moving software and plugins from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10? I’m debating on whether, or not to just buy the latest software and build from scratch, but I’d like to access session files in the meantime on the PC if at all possible. For the most part, the plugins I have from the old laptop, were 64. Just wondering if I need special software to transfer licenses and if it’s worth the hassle.

Thanks very much!

Hi and welcome,

If you own Cubase LE/AI/Elements with Soft-eLicenser, you have to reactivate your license to the new computer. Then you cannot use Cubase on the old one. If you own Cubase Artist/Pro, or if you move your Cubase LE/AI/Elements Soft-eLicense to the USB-elicenser, you can use it on multiple computers. Where is the USB-eLicenser plugged in, there you can start your Cubase.

Regarding 3rd party plug-ins, it depends, how the license is made. Some vendors allow to use the plug-in on multiple computers (mostly 3 of them), some of them are using USB-eLicenser or iLok, some of them allow one computer only.

Great, I am in the process of moving everything over to the pc and will no longer be using the laptop. I’ve had Elements for about a year (it came in a multi-track recorder bundle and not a full version). I noticed the eLicesnce folder when copying files- would I need to put that onto a USB and use it to activate on the pc? Thanks for the help!


No, you don’t need to move it to USB-eLicenser, if you are not going to use it in both (Windows 8 and Windows 10). Just Reactivate it to Windows 10.

Perfect thanks so much for taking the time to help!