Moving cubase project folder

Apologies for what might be a stupid question. I’ve been using cubase for about 18 months now and never bothered to learn how to organise project folders sensibly. As a result, I now have about 20 ‘untitled’ project folders in my documents section of my computer. Naturally, this is taking up a lot of space! My question is, can I just cut and paste this whole folder onto an external hard drive or do I need to do something more nuanced to move it?

TIA for any help :+1:

Assuming that each of your projects has it’s own folder (with associated audio files, if applicable), it should be enough to move the whole thing in one shot.

If you have audio files scattered about in a random fashion or projects that share audio folders or any other kind of disorganization, I would strongly recommend opening each project and doing a “File -> Back up Project…” for each and save it to it’s own new folder in the new location. This will ensure that when you try to open a project from the new location it will have all information properly associated. Also, it will give you a chance to rename projects/folders and become more organized in the process. More time consuming, but maybe worth the effort.

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Thank you, I definitely need to get it all organised. Sounds like my job for next weekend :+1: