Moving Cubase projects to another hard drive to free up space, will it work ok?

Hi, so I’m using Cubase on a Windows 10 laptop with 2 hard drives (1 is an SSD, the other a HDD). The SSD is getting a bit full so I was wondering if it’s possible to move some of my Cubase projects over to the other drive to free up some space on the first drive? Can I just drag the project files/folders (with all Audio, Track Pictures etc) over to the new drive and will they then open ok and work as normal in Cubase? Thanks.


If you just move the files to other drive, Cubase might ask you, where are the Audio files located.

You can Backup Project from the File menu, if you want to do this properly. But you would need to do this project by project.

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I moved all my cubase projects from the C drive where cubase originally put them, to a larger dedicated music (internal ssd) drive on my laptop. (Luckily I didn’t have too many projects on this machine). When I want to open one, I either open an explorer window (I’m on windows 10), and open the project from there, or I start cubase and use the ‘open other’ button to navigate to the project I want…hope this helps,
Tony G

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