Moving Cubase SX v1.5 projects to a newer Cubase

Been using SX 1.5 for many years on win XP. Finally motherboard crashed so we got a refurbished Dell with win 10.
Having much trouble reinstalling with the SX CD even though e-license dongle should be fine.
Should I just buy a newer version of Cubase will it have any problem with my old projects that were done in SX?
Just trying to get my husband up and running again.
Thanks so much for any tips!

Hi and welcome to the forum,

It depends, what do you use in the project. If you were using any plug-ins, these were 32-bit most probably. That means not compatible anymore.

I would recommend you to download and install Cubase 12 Pro Trial, which you can use (with all functions) for 30 days. And test, how do your projects work at your specific system.

Thank-you! That sounds like a good idea. No plug-ins, but he used Groove Agent on a couple of them. Nothing very complicated.
If it works hopefully we could take advantage of the 40% off.
Do we have to go straight to v12 or is there an older version Steinberg still sells? I’m trying to eliminate learning curve bumps for husband.
We’re in our 70’s and he really wants things to look “the same” to whatever extent possible.
Thanks again for such a quick response!
I’m grateful to find this forum.


Cubase 12 is the only version available at this moment.

Btw, the files have already the *.cpr extension, right?