Moving cubase to new PC - do I really need to re-download everything again in download assistant?

I’ve just built a new PC. On my old/existing PC I had downloaded all content using the download assistant to an external drive.
I was hoping that I could just take that drive from my old pc and put it in my new PC and set the default directory in the download assistant to point to that directory.
But it seems I cannot do that - it looks like I am going to have to download EVERYTHING again.
Is that really the case? I really hope not.

Thanks in advance.

I’m not sure of exactly what you’re doing from your post…

If you have installers on the removable drive the Download assistant is no longer needed. Double click the installer files.

Hi Steve
Thanks for replying so quickly.
I just want to migrate everything cubase-related to my new PC in the most efficient way possible.
I was not aware I even had installation files in my content.
Not being sure what they would look like I went to my Content folder and double-clicked the first file and it seems it’s an executable of sorts, and it gave me the possibility to install (it seems) all the files in one go.
Seems to be working though it ignored the directory I set to D: in two places (I think) for download assistant and put it in C:ProgramData. I cannot find where this C:ProgramData is specified.
So I have to move it all from C to D post installation.
Apart from that wrinkle…so far so good.


Ah I just realised there is a default location for Library Manager that is different to the Download Assistant and it’s the former that I needed to change. Makes sense.