moving cursor left and right with keyboard in windows

I’m running Cubase 7.5 in Windows and can’t figure out how to move the cursor left and right from the keyboard.

Left and right arrow keys do nothing. Ctrl+ L/R does nothing. Other combinations I’ve tried have no effect. No info in the manual.

Can someone tell me how do this please.

control & num+ // control & num - based on selected quantize/grid
num+ // num- to scroll

great. thanks. much appreciated.

now i wonder if you could help me with this one.

i want to do a channel batch export - which i know how to do - but i don’t understand what the four options in the Audio Engine Output - Split Channels refer to. ie 1. audio_L wav, / 2. Audio_01.wav / 3. Audio_01(Left).wav / 4. Audio.L.wav…I suspect it’s got sth to do with mono or stereo or sth, but i can’t see what and I can’t locate any info about this in the manual, so I don’t know which i should choose for what i want to do.

Can you help? (Also I can’t see how to post a new topic in these forums…maybe I don’t have that option?)

You’ll hate yourself for this - but it’s just giving you options for how you want the files to be named :slight_smile: I.e., you’re not choosing an audio format, just a pattern for the filename. Some programs need split files to be named in a particular way.

Worth mentioning - no one really deals with split files anymore (except some postproduction applications, and older versions of Pro Tools) – I’ll assume you have a good reason for splitting them…if not, I wouldn’t do it - split files are a pain in the butt :slight_smile:


thanks for that reply meta-red - have followed your advice re. split channels…though i reckon i could probably think of a few better reasons for hating myself than just that!