Moving default vst sound folder


Please help me on moving default content of c6…

I have used it always in it’s default c:userdata etc. location, but now I need more space on my system, so
I moved them to another drive.
Than scanned with mediabay, but no halionSE or any content not found.

I hope not the only way is uninstalling all of installed contents with c6 (as I see there are many of them in installed program list) groove agent, loopmash content etc.
I would like to do this with halion4 content also…

Any help would be great.


That would then be a Windows system…? Create shortcuts in the standard folder.

Several times, I’ve tried shortcuts in the original folder, pointing to the new folder, and the software hasn’t found the files in the new position. IIRC, even after moving just a Cubase pdf help file elsewhere, and putting a shortcut pointing to the new location, Cubase wouldn’t find the file.

There is a Windows method that makes one (part of a) drive seem as if it’s in another drive, and I think that method is pretty well guaranteed to let you move folders and yet have software still find them (because the OS makes them seem to be where they oricinally were). But I’ve been too timid ever to try it in case I accidentally cause a mess in the disks.

It’s called “hard links”, and involves something called “Link Shell Extension”. Here’s some info:

You can move them I think, but you would then have to edit the registry keys under this and several other places.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Steinberg\VST Sound

Basically, you’d open regedit and search for “C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound” (that’s my path anyway) and change it to the new location wherever it occurs. Might want to back up your registry first in case you mess it up and need to roll back. Not for the faint of heart.

I guess another option is that if you messed up just the Cubase registry keys, you could uninstall/reinstall. Not super-risky if you know how to update a file path accurately and know a little about the registry.


Thanks for the help. Finally, I totally messed up my folders…

I have tried regedit of course, but too much references there to vst sound. Not safe I think.
So I think go for a ghost backupo today.
But my tip for you about shortcuts:

You can use junction, kind of hard shortcuts, it’s much more at system level than the limited shortcut !